My name is Meeko, I'm 58 and I have held a full UK amateur radio licence for around 15 years, but was interested in short wave radio then amateur radio from being about 10 years old!

I didn't try to take the old RAE as I was interested in HF and knew I couldnt do morse, however when the licences changed I sat my M3 and 2E0 then quickly got my M0.

I don't transmit much (a bit mic shy and never sure what I want to say!) But I do enjoy listening around HF and sometimes higher. I havent yet developed a taste for 6 or 4m but I know I should give them a proper try sometime.

I'm enthusiastic about older equipment such as the hybrid Yaesu FT-902DM which I used to admire in RadCom magazine in the seventies and eighties but never imagined I'd ever own.

They are now affordable and still going strong. I've had an FT-101ZD and now built up a collection of the 901/902 range of accessories that interest me.

I'm also passionate about satellite communications and my present goal is to 'work' through the Amsat Oscar 7 which is also a relic of the seventies.

I also play with broadcast satellite reception with a server housing several DTB-S/S2 ports connected to three Universal LNBs on a static 80cm dish pointing at 19.2E with 10E and 28.2E available via switches. The server provides a TVHeadend backend to several Android TV boxes around the home running Kodi.

I'm not much into contesting, not found one that interests me, but have been actively involved in Raynet. I've been out on exercises with Bolton and Stockport Raynet groups but due to work and other commitments I havent been out for a good while.

I've also re-joined the Stockport Radio Society (first visited circa 1977!)

And of course a member of the Radio Society of Great Britain

Thanks for looking,
73s de M0FVD