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Next Project: Tape Measure Twin Yagi

My next project to build is a twin band yagi for 2m and & 70cm suitable for making an Az-El mount but initially mounted on the shed at an elevation of approx 45 degrees and pointing roughly East. This should give me decent coverage of satellites with elevations around 15-60 degrees and located approx NNE to SSE.

I've decided to be lazy and build the tape measure method, with a 20mm plastic conduit as the boom and the or cross pieces to mount the elements on with jubilee clips.

Two meters seems to be eady enough but combining with 70cm may be a challenge! We'll see.

Planning initially on building a 5 element 2 meter model first with a hairpin match on the driven element. RG58 to the rig to test & tune, then connect it to the RG213 to the shack.